Always on track: highest hygiene standards

Precaution for operation under Covid 19 conditions

Our prevention and hygiene protocols for your safety and well-being on board

We have developed comprehensive prevention and safety protocols for resuming our sailings. The measures comply with the highest hygienic standards with regard to Covid-19 and are based among others on the guidelines of the ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control) and the EU Healthy Gateways, and were developed in close consultation with the senior ships’ medical team. Besides organization and hygiene measures, the plan also includes intensive training for the crew. Our protocols have been reviewed by the health experts of the world’s leading classification society DNV GL and provided with a statement of compliance.

Due to the distance and hygiene rules that have to be observed for your health protection, you will face certain restrictions during your journey. Most likely these restrictions will be subject to change over the next few months. The most recent development of vaccines and medications gives well-founded reason to hope for a return to the regular ship operation in 2021. However, since the course of events over time cannot be predicted, we will continuously adapt the following prevention and hygiene protocols to further developments. Full vaccination will be mandatory for all new bookings from June 15, 2021 for all cruises bookable through SEA CLOUD CRUISES.


Health check and Covid-19 test obligation for guests

Upon embarkation, all guests must present a Covid-19 PCR test no more than 72 hours old, as well as a completed health questionnaire. All guests will be required to take an additional COVID-19 antigen test, administered and paid for by SEA CLOUD CRUISES, prior to boarding. Only guests with a negative results are allowed to board. Before embarkation on board, after every shore leave and daily on board, a contactless body temperature measurement will be taken. Embarkation is organized in small groups. The minimum distance must be observed, and a mouth-nose protection is required. Compliance with the prevention measures defined by SEA CLOUD CRUISES will be guaranteed by the terminal operators.


Regular health checks of the crew

Each crew member will undergo a comprehensive health check and Covid-19 test before starting an assignment. In addition, a temperature check will be performed once a day and a COVID-19 test twice a week. All crew members are obliged to wear mouth-nose protection. Each crew member will be vaccinated as soon as an approved vaccine is available for the crew member.


Reliable medical care on board

For the health management on board, a Health and Infection Officer is deployed in addition to the ship’s doctor. The whole crew will intensively be trained on board in advanced prevention and hygiene measures and the early detection of Covid-19 symptoms. Should a Covid-19 suspicion arise during a cruise, the guest will be under close medical supervision until the next port of call. For this purpose, an appropriate quarantine station is maintained on board.


100% fresh air in cabins and public areas

Fresh air also means clean air. Each passenger cabin is supplied with fresh air directly from the outside. The ventilation is designed in such a way that the exhaust air cannot reach another passenger cabin. Public areas are also supplied with 100% fresh air, which is discharged directly to the outside.


Extensive technical hygiene equipment

The ships are equipped with contactless body thermometers and Covid-19 test possibilities. The general rules of hygiene apply on board (hand hygiene, cough and sneeze etiquette, avoidance of facial contact). The number of disinfectant dispensers on board has been significantly increased so that guests and staff can disinfect their hands at all important contact points. Protective equipment such as disposable gloves and mouth-nose protection can be obtained at the reception desk upon request.


Intensive cleaning/ disinfection of the cabins and all public areas

A very high standard of hygiene applies to our fleet. Frequently touched surfaces such as door handles and stair railings are cleaned and disinfected with increased frequency. Cabin cleaning takes place twice a day. Before the arrival of new guests, all cabins/suites and all public areas are cleaned with a state-of-the-art disinfection process.


Reduced number of guests on board for distance control

The number of passengers on board will be reduced to such an extent that, in compliance with the distance rules (1.5 meters / 5 feet or transparent partitions), all guests can be seated at the same time. This allows all guests to enjoy relaxed dining together as usual on the SEA CLOUD CRUISES windjammers. The lower number of passengers also guarantees the necessary distance in public areas. All guests must keep a distance of 1.5 meters / 5 feet in all areas of the vessel. This does not apply to persons traveling in the same cabin or belonging to one travel party. In all indoor areas of the ship, a medical mouth-nose protection is mandatory. This does not apply in your own cabin and after taking your seat in the restaurant and lounge. If a minimum distance of 1.5 meters / 5 feet to other persons can be maintained in outdoor areas, the obligation to wear a medical mouth-nose protection is not applicable, unless local regulations require otherwise.


Our familiar culinary finesse, no self-service

The culinary quality and choice will remain untouched. All meals will be served at the table or from the buffet, there is no self-service in the lounge, in the restaurant or on the outdoor decks and at the bar. If necessary, transparent dividers are placed on the tables to maintain the required distance. The high number of employees will remain unchanged even with the reduced number of guests ensuring even more individual service and more resources for the implementation of hygiene measures.


On-board and shore program in smaller group sizes

Lectures or events will take place with a smaller number of participants and in compliance with the applicable distance and hygiene rules. It will also be possible to visit the SPA and fitness area or the hairdresser’s in compliance with the rules of hygiene and distance. Shore excursions will be organized in small groups. The excursion agencies comply with the same prevention and hygiene measures that apply on board. Individual shore excursions are possible as long as it is permitted by the country specific regulations.

Exclusion policy for participation in a cruise

Persons who have been in contact with a confirmed Covid 19 infected person in the last 14 days, who themselves have a positive PCR or antigen test result, are not allowed to board. Full vaccination will be mandatory for all new bookings from June, 15 2021 for all cruises bookable through SEA CLOUD CRUISES. Persons who do not have a recovered status at the start of the journey or who cannot prove full Covid 19 vaccination protection on the basis of a respective approved vaccine are not allowed to travel. Anyone who can prove a positive PCR test that is older than 28 days at the start of the journey and not older than 6 months at the end of the journey has recovered status.


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Statement of compliance from the world’s leading classification society DNV GL

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