The most beautiful windjammer legend of all times and for many the true center of a journey for a maximum of 64 passengers.
The 32 cabins could hardly be more different: depending on your personal taste, you can live a little more luxuriously in one of the eight original cabins or a little more modern in the comfortable outer cabins.
Public areas
Everyone quickly finds their favorite place on board: whether it’s a sundowner at the lidobar, in the comfortable deckchair, in the Blue Lagoon or with the first coffee on the bridge.

Categorie ALuxury owner’s cabins
Categorie BDe luxe original cabins
Categorie CDe luxe outside cabins
Categorie 1Double-bed cabins
Categorie 2Twin-bed cabins,(beds can be placed together)
Categorie 3Twin-bed cabins
Categorie 4Twin-bed cabins
Categorie 5Upper-/lower-bed
Cabins with a bath, shower and WC
Cabins with a shower and WC


On a course that made history



Technical data and sail diagram

Only five years after the construction of the last freight-only, square-rigged sailing boat, the SEA CLOUD was launched in 1931, continuing the tradition of these famous sailors.
She is also built as a four-masted barque. The first three masts are rigged with yards, the last mast with gaffs. The yard sails ensure fast propulsion and are perpendicular to the direction of the ship, while the gaff sails are lengthwise and improve maneuverability considerably. With a total length of 110 meters, 29 sails and about 3,000 square meters of sail area, the SEA CLOUD is comparable to the famous P-Liners. The underwater hull, however, is not built like a freight sailor, but rather like a sleek yacht.
Sail Diagram
Technical Data